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Instructions: How to Apply Adhesive-Backed Rules
Polyester and vinyl rules tightly coiled for shipping may appear out of tolerance (short) when first removed from their package. This is apparent when the release liner has slipped and exposes excess material at the rule ends. For proper installation we recommend the following procedure:
Clean surface completely of oil and dirt, preferably with an alcohol-based product, such as acetone. Wait for surface to dry completely. Low friction surfaces might require a special mounting adhesive.
Step 1
Use a master steel rule to create datum marks at start, intermediate, and end points of rule. Unfortunately, not all rules are created equal. Make sure the master rule you are using is adequate for your application. Factory consultation available.
Step 2
Remove only enough liner at each end of the rule (or segments thereof) applying 2-3 inches. If you are mounting to an open flat surface using a long straight edge or a chalk line). Carefully align with your datum marks and press down moderately.
Step 3A
Remove the liner while slightly holding the rule up at the center to avoid adhesive contact. Slowly lower the rule into place. Do not squeegee from each end. Apply finger point pressure to several spots along the rule, then gently rub down to make full adhesive contact. Use of a soft rubber roller is helpful. When mounting, rules can be repositioned without any detrimental loss of adhesion, however after several days the adhesive will set and become more aggressive.
Step 3B
If the rule needs to be tensioned when positioning, apply one end of the rule (2-3”) at a datum point. Pull, then place opposite end down (2-3”). Remove liner and apply pressure as per Step 3A.
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