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These unique wallet size calipers are a junior version of our Pocket Rocket™ with many of the same features.
They are made of .030 thick white vinyls and clear coated for durable protection. 1.0 Fractional version #MR1000-WV, measures up to 6” diameters and pipe sizes to 5” diameter. When the swing arm is extended it creates a 7” long ruler. A pipe size to decimal diameter conversion table is also included.
2.0 Metric version #MR1001-WV, measures up to 16cm diameters. When the swing arm is extended it creates an 18cm long ruler. Units come packaged in a 3 x 5 zip lock bag.

(Private labeling available for $35.00 one time graphic charge and 50 piece minimum order)


MSRP $3.95 each.
Mini-Rocket - Fractional - 5 Pack
Mini-Rocket - Metric - 5 Pack


Aluminum Mini-Rocket

This is a junior version of our standard Black Anodized Pocket Rocket™. This tool, while smaller, has some unique features not presently available on the larger caliper. Besides measuring outside diameters up to 6.5” it can also measure inside diameters up to 1.70”.

1.0 Zero to 6 1/2” outside diameter reading.
2.0 1/8 to 6” outside NPT pipe reading.
3.0 0.24 to 1.70” inside diameter reading.
4.0 Pipe chart from 1/8” to 16” NPT.
5.0 4 inch linear scale with 1/16” grads.
6.0 Black anodized .040” thick construction.
7.0 Plastic washer for smooth rotation.
8.0 Comes in its’ own storage pouch.

Part# MR2000-BA MSRP $14.95 each.

Pocket Rocket™

This is a unique and useful outside diameter caliper that fits right into your pocket! (31⁄2” X 75⁄8”)
For use by Engineers, Draftsman, Pipe-fitters, Contractors, Carpenters, Plumbers etc: ANYONE who needs to measure diameters! Just set the backplate against a round object so that it touches at 2 contact points, then swing the movable arm until it also touches. The “READ HERE” edge indicates the diameter! Pipe sizes to 16” are displayed as well as fractional inch diameters from 1⁄16” to 16”. Included for easy reference is a Fraction/Decimal chart and a Nominal Size Pipe Diameter Table. Take the guess work out of measuring diameters!

(Private labeling available for $35.00 one time graphic charge and 50 piece minimum order)

PR1000-CL (Clear) MSRP $16.45 each.

PR1000-WS (White Styrene) MSRP $6.60 each.

Also available is a .060" thick heavy duty PR-1000-BA (Black Anodized Aluminum)

MSRP $31.75 each, $34.95 with carry case.

Pocket Rocket - Fractional - Clear
Pocket Rocket - Fractional - White Styrene - 3 Pack
Pocket Rocket - Fractional - Black Anodized Aluminum

X-Kaliper: Large Object Caliper

These are economical and multipurpose mechanical T-Track linear calipers with an overall accuracy of +/-.030 (+/-.5mm). Several jaw depths, rail lengths, and rule graphics are available. All parts are non-corrosive and waterproof, made of anodized aluminum, nylon, and stainless steel.

All jaws are 1/8" tk x 3 7/8" wide so that you can use the same rail and interchange the jaws accordingly. Even the Laser Holder from our Farscape calipers fit these rails (and Square Tubes) so that you can mix-or-match parts to create a caliper to optimize the geometrical requirements of your circumstances. Jaws are normally set at zero with both jaw pairs adjusted parallel and square to the accommodating T-Track. See the Instruction Sheet for method of zeroing. Jaw tips are 1/2" wide so you can measure inside dimensions starting at 1.00" (2.54cm). You can add this value to the as measured inside dimension or offset the stationary jaw to the position on the rule. This cancels out having to add the 1.00" value letting you to directly read the as measured at the edge of the adjustable jaw.

A) The rail comes with a white/black graphics dual-directional fractional rule (DF). However, we have two other standard options: A dual-directional metric (DM) or a left-to-right fractional/metric rule (FM). Note that the ending prefix of the product code number represents the rule selection. Substitute the appropriate selection for what you want. See the "Rule Pictures" for accurate accurate graphic depiction. For special graduated rules contact our sales department.

The Laser Holders have a minimum 3/4" (19mm) center-to-center restriction due to the physical size of the lasers. The stationary laser holder is to be set at this rule dimension to establish the correct offset datum for the adjustable laser, which can also be tightened using its thumb screw to lock it at a prescribed dimension. The lasers have been factory set to +/-1/8" @ 50 feet. They are equipped with 4 thumb screws for fine tuning should future adjustment become necessary. Complete adjustment instructions come with every order.

B) Several standard rail lengths are available. Long lengths are comprised of shorter lengths with a connecting link to join the sections. This provides for compact storage or using just the minimal section length for tighter confined measuring. Long one-piece rails and heavy duty square tubing are available for special applications. The maximum sectional length is 96" (245cm), and lengths up to 17 FT have been made to date.

Overall Length
Rail Lengths/
# of Rails/
Usable Length
Weight of Rails
Jaws' Length (and Weight of Pair)
7"/18cm (0.75 lbs)
14"/36cm (1.0 lbs)
22"/56cm (1.25 lbs)
30"/76cm (1.75 lbs)
16" (41cm)
0.75 lbs
#XLOC-07x24DF $94.00 each
#XLOC-14x24DF $104.00 each
28" (71cm)
1.125 lbs
#XLOC-07x36DF $106.00 each
#XLOC-14x36DF $116.00 each
#XLOC-22x36DF $126.00 each
40" (102cm)
1.5 lbs
#XLOC-07x48DF $133.00 each
#XLOC-14x48DF $143.00 each
#XLOC-22x48DF $153.00 each
#XLOC-30x48DF $163.00 each
52" (132cm)
1.875 lbs
#XLOC-07x60DF $145.00 each
#XLOC-14x60DF $155.00 each
#XLOC-22x60DF $165.00 each
#XLOC-30x60DF $175.00 each
64" (163cm)
2.25 lbs
#XLOC-07x72DF $157.00 each
#XLOC-14x72DF $167.00 each
#XLOC-22x72DF $177.00 each
#XLOC-30x72DF $187.00 each
88" (224cm)
3.0 lbs
#XLOC-07x96DF $196.00 each
#XLOC-14x96DF $206.00 each
#XLOC-22x96DF $216.00 each
#XLOC-30x96DF $226.00 each
100" (254cm)
3.375 lbs
#XLOC-07x108DF $208.00 each
#XLOC-14x108DF $218.00 each
#XLOC-22x108DF $228.00 each
#XLOC-30x108DF $238.00 each
Separate Parts: For X-Kaliper
Laser Holder Assembly
$60.00 each
Red Dot Laser (with 6 batteries)
$35.00 each
Rail Connecting Link
$15.00 each
Rail with Rule
#LOCR-DF (*) x2 (**)
$12.00 / a foot
Square Tube Connecting Link
$25.00 each
Square Tube with Rule
#LOCT-DF (*) x2 (**)
$15.00 / a foot
Pair (***) of 7" Deep Jaws
$50.00 per pair
Pair (***) of 14" Deep Jaws
$60.00 per pair
Pair (***) of 22" Deep Jaws
$70.00 per pair
Pair (***) of 30" Deep Jaws
$80.00 per pair

Replace "DF" (dual-directional fractional) with DM (dual-directional metric) or FM (fractional on one edge, metric on the other) as required
Replace "2" with nominal foot length required. Calculate metric-reading at: 1m = 40".
One jaw of a pair is 1/2 the price listed. Jaw details are symmetrical so you can use the same jaw to make Left-Hand or Right-Hand assembly.

X-Kaliper Instruction Sheet

CAUTION: Read before using X-Kaliper

Always check alignment before use. This is done by moving the sliding jaw against the fixed jaw and noticing if an air gap occurs. Backlight the jaws for better visibility. If flush contact is not observed, realignment can be easily done following the instructions below.




Do not tighten thumb screws unless they are in position over a SECTION of rail. Apply a minimal perpendicular force, seating the jaw guide against the rail before tightening any thumb screws.


For multiple rail sections, always position rail connectors with a half-way overlap.


Damaged or worn rules are replaceable. Different graphics are also available. Consult ORC Forensics for options.

Make sure that the fixed jaw and guide are flush on each side and that the jaw is relatively perpendicular to the rail. If not, adjust this first.

Loosen the (2) button head screws on the sliding jaw using a 1/8" hex wrench.

Move the sliding jaw next to the fixed jaw and tighten its thumb screws. Both jaw guides should make contact.

Firmly hold jaws together with one hand at the jaws mid-length and re-tighten the button head screws. Once aligned, the jaws can be re-configured anywhere on the rail and they will be parallel.

Basic Assembly Configurations

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