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This unique rotating calculator identifies the number of weeks from a specified date. Just set the RED pointer of the inner circle to a given day of the month and count clockwise to how many weeks out you want to find the corresponding date. Can also be used to back track from a future date. They actually have expensive software to do what this simple tool does! People from “Production” to the “Office” will want one of these. Whether you do scheduling, purchasing, forecasting, etc, the convenience of finding a “Date” is right at your fingertips. Made of .030 White plastic 4” x 4” (pocket size) with red and green graphics for ease of reading. Pivot point is 3/16” diameter brass eyelet providing a strong and reliable fastener. Graphics are clear coated for extended life. Standard Date Finders come identified with our company name.

MSRP $3.70 each.

Date Finder - 5 Pack


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