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The Laser CAT™ Compact Alignment Tool can be used for quickly measuring or setting two or more surfaces parallel to the same plane , or even offsetting them to a given dimension. While it was originally designed for power transmission equipment, i.e. pulleys/sprockets/rollers etc., it can be used for various other applications.

Both the laser head and target have strong magnetic bases for use in vertical applications with ferrous components, and each has a compact footprint to help fit into physically tight spot. Alignment of each laser beam is easily accomplished by literally twisting the stub tail (Base Nut) of the Laser CAT™ to help aim the beam across to the target. The beam is factory aligned to a calibration of +-.060@100 feet to the center of its companion target.

Another feature of the Laser CAT™ is provided with a bubble vial for when its is important for leveling purposes.

1.0 Remove Laser CAT™ metal caps from magnets then place target and laser head on parts
      to be measured with target face perpendicular to laser beam projection.

2.0 Turn laser “on” and fine tune aim until the red dot is aligned near the vertical center of
      the target. For extended lengths between parts a backup sheet behind the target is helpful.

3.0 Should adjustment between the two parts be required loosen the respective part, eposition       to appropriate target mark, then retighten. You are now on Target!

4.0 Turn off laser and place Laser CAT™ metal caps back on magnets. This is done to
      maintain magnet strength.

The Laser CAT™ comes complete in a carry case.
# LCAT-1000/CC @ $107.75 each.

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